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YMCA Locations

Mukwonago YMCA

245 E. Wolf Run
Mukwonago, WI 53149

Waukesha YMCA

320 E. Broadway
Waukesha, WI 53186

Southwest YMCA

11311 W. Howard Avenue
Greenfield, WI 53228

West Suburban YMCA

2420 N. 124th Street
Wauwatosa, WI 53226

Tri County YMCA

N84 W17501 Menomonee Avenue
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051

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Mukwonago YMCA

Mukwonago YMCA


245 E. Wolf Run
Mukwonago, WI  53149



HOURS (October 23, 2017 - April 22, 2018)

MON-THU | 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM
FRI | 5:00 AM - 9:00 PM
SAT | 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM
SUN | 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Waukesha YMCA

Waukesha YMCA


320 E. Broadway
Waukesha, WI  53186



HOURS (October 23, 2017 - April 22, 2018)

MON-THU | 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM
FRI | 5:00 AM - 9:00 PM
SAT | 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM
SUN | 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Southwest YMCA

Southwest YMCA


11311 W. Howard Avenue
Greenfield, WI  53228



HOURS (October 23, 2017 - April 22, 2018)

MON-THU | 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM
FRI | 5:00 AM - 9:00 PM
SAT | 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM
SUN | 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

West Suburban YMCA

West Suburban YMCA


2420 N. 124th Street
Wauwatosa, WI  53226



HOURS (October 23, 2017 - April 22, 2018)

MON-THU | 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM
FRI | 5:00 AM - 9:00 PM
SAT | 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM
SUN | 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Tri County YMCA

Tri County YMCA


N84 W17501 Menomonee Avenue
Menomonee Falls, WI  53051



HOURS (October 23, 2017 - April 22, 2018)

MON-THU | 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM
FRI | 5:00 AM - 9:00 PM
SAT | 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM
SUN | 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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Camp Double Eagle

W365 S8661 Highway 67
Eagle, WI 53119

Carroll University

210 N. Grand Avenue
Waukesha, WI 53186

Y Children's Academy

100 E. Broadway
Waukesha, WI 53186

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Join the Y

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Child Care & Camps

 Kids with ball


The Y has programs for children of all ages. From infant and toddler care at our Y Academy, to Preschool and 4K programs, to Before & After School care for elementary and middle school students, the Y can help your busy family find programs and care that's right for you.


Summer Day Camps

For your child's best summer ever,
enroll them in camp at the YMCA!

Support the Y


Support the Y

The Y is a positive force in our communities and together, we can take on challenges that shape our future.

Workplace Wellness at the Y


Workplace Wellness

Physically fit employees make your company more fiscally fit.  Learn more about partnering with the Y.  It's good for employees, it's good for your company, it's good for your community.


  • Access to a statewide program
  • Expertise of a wide variety of staff
  • Great membership benefits
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Group Exercise 


Group Exercise Classes


With dozens of group exercise classes to choose from, you’re sure to find something that’s right for you. Drop in to check out different classes to find your fit.  Space is limited.  First come, first served.


Land-Based Fitness Classes


New Online Schedules

Group exercise schedules are now monthly!

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  Land-Based Fitness Classes (Ages 12 & up)
Advanced Circuit

A challenging class that offers a constant changing mix of cardio and strength training. You will move quickly between exercises in the circuit with short rest periods in between to maximize your workout time. A variety of equipment is used in combination with high intensity aerobic activity and plyometric exercises that will enhance your strength training and reach a new level of fitness.

Barre Fitness

This workout combines functional strength, ballet inspired exercises, Pilates, and yoga. This class focuses on alignment and optimal posture while enhancing body awareness, coordination, balance, and overall strength and toning. Bands, balls, and light hand weights may be included in this workout to provide additional resistance and challenge.

Boomer Boot Camp

Not ready for SilverSneakers® yet? Are regular boot camp classes too intense for you? We have an alternative low impact fitness class designed to challenge the body to maintain independence and function. Ideal for ages 50+ or for those interested in a more moderate workout. Training areas include cardio, balance, strength, and agility. Challenging but safe activities addressing a variety of abilities in a fun and social atmosphere.

Boot Camp

Intense interval workout combining cardiovascular training, resistance, and sports conditioning drills. Less intense options available for those needing modification.

Cardio Athletics

Intense interval workout combining cardiovascular, resistance, and sports conditioning training.

Cardio Barre

Different than Barre Fitness, this class takes us back to the barre for the whole workout to bring out the inner dancer in you. No dance experience required. Lower body work at the barre, interspersed with energetic repetitions, will keep your heart rate elevated before you take your workout to the floor to sculpt abs and stretch. You should be strong, flexible, and more coordinated with every class.

Cardio Dance

Like to dance? Learn a variety of dance routines set to fun and motivating music. Easy to learn and a great aerobic workout.

Cardio Kickboxing

Focus on punching, kicking, and striking while utilizing simple plyometric drills with progressive kickboxing techniques. This is a calorie burner class and moves can be modified to lower the intensity.

Cardio Sculpt

A low to medium impact class that includes cardio, strength training, balance, flexibility, and core work, stretching, and relaxation.  A variety of equipment may be used along with body weight exercises to increase functional strength. Multi-level options are offered so you can choose the level of your workout. 

Class is aimed towards Boomers, Active Older Adults with a high level of function, those returning to fitness or new comers to fitness.  Participants should be able to get to the floor for core work and stretching and be able to get back off the floor.


A full body workout designed to strengthen and tone all muscle groups using a variety of equipment including stability balls, hand weights, resistance bands, and more.

Core Crunch

A hardcore abdominal workout using stability balls and other equipment.


An inspirational ride using music and cues to mirror a road experience. Great cardiovascular training.

Cycling For Seniors

This class is taught at a lower intensity geared towards Active Older Adults. Please arrive early to get fitted for your bike.

Kickboxer’s Camp

Interval training incorporating kickboxing, boxing, martial arts, and boot camp style techniques in a high impact class. Boxing gloves highly recommended.

Line Dancing

A fun beginner to intermediate class that will enhance your balance and coordination while making new friends. A variety of music will be featured.

Raise The Bar

Strength class for all major muscle groups utilizing barbells and weighted plates. Build muscular strength and endurance while you tighten and tone your whole body.

Senior Stretch & Strength

Use a variety of equipment to increase range of motion, strength, flexibility and balance. Targeted towards Active Older Adults.


Step up your fitness with a beat driven workout that will have you moving up and off an adjustable platform/bench. Combinations of moves will be introduced to raise your heart rate as you fly across, around, and over the bench. Sculpt your muscles using bands and hand weights for a complete workout.

Step Camp

Boot camp style cardio, functional, and strength intervals utilizing the step as your main apparatus. High and low options offered.

Strength On The Ball

Focus on strength, toning, and flexibility for the entire body using stability balls, medicine balls, posu balls, and bosus.

Tai Chi Fundamentals

An adaptable and accessible program suitable for individuals with a wide range of abilities. Class allows participants to learn tai chi in standing with optional side support, standing with a walker or in a seated position. Participants will learn tai chi basic moves, a Yang Style tai chi short form, and develop mind/body skills training.

Triple Threat

20 minutes of interval cardio work, 20 minutes of strength work for all major muscle groups, and 20 minutes of core work including yoga and Pilates type cool down. The complete workout.

Turbo Kick

The ultimate cardiovascular challenge: sport specific warm up, bouts of intense intervals, easy-to-follow combinations, kickboxing and a cool down.


WERQ® is the fiercely fun dance fitness workout class based on pop, rock, and hip hop music taught by Certified Fitness Professionals. The signature warm up previews the dance steps used in class and the signature cool down includes balance and yoga inspired poses. Are you ready to WERQ®?

Y’s Way To Fitness

Active calisthenics workout. Stretching, cardiovascular, and muscle conditioning.

  Pilates (Ages 12 & up)

Build core strength, flexibility, and agility through a series of lying and standing positions. Improve spinal awareness, alignment, and learn proper breathing techniques. Time is also spent on toning upper and lower body. Rings, balls, and bands may be used. All levels welcome.

Pilates Flow

A fusion of Pilates and yoga fitness principles incorporating balance and flexibility followed by meditation.

  Yoga (Ages 12 & up)

Combines flexibility and strength through moving poses and still poses while focusing on breathing and relaxation techniques. All levels welcome.

Yoga Foundations

Explore various poses. Increase knowledge of the purpose and mechanics of each pose. Focus on proper alignment, matching breath with movement, and building awareness during practice.

Gentle Yoga

This class is similar to regular yoga with a focus on relaxation and restoration of the body. This is a great class for beginners, especially if you are new to yoga.

Hatha Yoga

Challenge yourself and grow in these classes as you learn foundational poses and aspects of yoga as well as being invited to deepen your practice.

Restorative Yoga

A gentle series of poses for rejuvenating the mind and body.

Yin Yoga

Targeting the connective tissues, primarily the pelvis, hips, and lower spine, yin yoga postures are held for 3-5 minutes each. This quiet, still practice differs from restorative yoga in that the ligaments, tendons, fascia, and even joints are being exercised with gentle, consistent pressure.

  ZUMBA® (Ages 12 & up)

A Latin dance inspired aerobic workout. Easy to follow, repetitive dance moves to make you sweat, smile, and shimmy. Do the Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, and more.


All the fun of ZUMBA® but taught at a slower pace and lower impact level. Suitable for beginners and Active Older Adults.

ZUMBA® and Toning

Perfect way to sculpt your body using light hand weights, while enjoying all the fun of ZUMBA®. Great for beginners and those wanting a lower impact workout.

  Group Exercise Policies
  • Classes can be removed from the schedule at anytime due to low participation.
  • Always inform your physician before starting a new exercise program.
  • Prior to class, inform the instructor of any health issues.
  • Allow current class to finish before entering the studio.
  • Be on time. The warm-up is important to avoid injury.
  • Class participation is tracked, so always be sure to sign-in each class.
  • Please turn off cell phones, pagers, personal music (iPods), etc. before entering class.
  • Workout at your own pace and listen to your body. If you are unsure, ask an instructor.
  • Doing your own routine is discourteous and distracting to your fellow members and your instructor.
  • Be considerate of other members' exercise space. Keep conversation to a minimum.
  • Wear a separate pair of workout shoes for use in the Y.
  • Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated during class.
  • No food is allowed in the studio and all plastic water bottles must remain at the outer edges of the room while exercising and while drinking.
  • Weights (hand or ankle) are not allowed during the aerobic section of any class unless it is directed by the instructor.
  • Equipment may not be removed from the studio unless instructed by an instructor.
  • All equipment (steps, weights, mats, etc.) must be returned to their proper storage area.
  • If leaving class early, please notify the instructor before class.
  • Paid classes have a minimum and maximum number of registrations required to run the class, so register early!


Water-Based Fitness Classes


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  Water-Based Fitness Classes (Ages 12 & up)
AOA Water Exercise

Make the most of the resistive qualities of water to help increase your flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and muscle strength. Perfect for first time exercisers or those looking for a good workout. This class is taught in chest deep water. Participants should be comfortable in the water but do not need to have swimming skills. Low to moderate intensity.

Aqua Fit

Improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and endurance and increase flexibility. Variety of hydro equipment used. Low and high impact options available.


Work hard and rest hard with explosive high interval training aqua style followed by planned rest so you have perform to your greatest potential in every round. Movement is based on speed, power, agility, and strength, and utilizes all scientifically based HIIT principles such tabata intervals, on the minute, longer based intervals, and work until fatigue.

Aqua Power

Higher intensity interval workout, which primarily focuses on aerobic conditioning with some toning and strengthening. A variety of hydro equipment will be used. No swimming skills necessary.

Aqua Walking

A low impact water walking workout that uses the current in the Adventure Pool.

Aqua Yoga

A low-impact class for all ages, fitness levels, and abilities, Aqua Yoga is an ideal way to improve strength, flexibility, and range of motion.  As a result of the buoyant effects of the water on the body, the muscles are able to relax and can be stretched and strengthened with reduced incidence of injury.


A safe, challenging, Latin dance based workout that incorporates cardio conditioning and body toning in the shallow water. Exercises are medium impact and great for beginners or intermediate exercisers.

Deep Water Exercise

Put on a flotation belt and head to the deep end of the pool for a powerful workout that will improve your posture, strength, and cardiovascular endurance. This non-impact exercise is a perfect alternative for individuals with knee or back problems or those looking for a break from running or high impact activities. Participants should be comfortable in deep water. High intensity.

Gentle Water Exercise

A low level of resistance to improve muscular strength, endurance, and maintain or improve flexibility. Ideal for those with MS, fibromyalgia, arthritis or other special needs.

Joint Efforts

The YMCA is proud to offer this low impact water exercise program designed for people with arthritis, fibromyalgia, MS, and related conditions. The water provides gentle resistance to build muscle strength and support joints to encourage free movement. Participants should be comfortable in the water but do not need to have swimming skills. Please check with your physician before beginning this program.

Water Kickboxing

High energy kickboxing moves adapted for the water.

Water Tai Chi

Water fitness with slow, powerful exercises of tai chi. Decrease toxins, blood pressure, and stress while increasing positive energy throughout the body.

Water Volleyball

Recreational Play.

Water Walking

Workout on your own to music. Variety of equipment available for your use.

See our Specialty Fitness page for classes such as TRX® and more!



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