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YMCA Corporate Membership

A YMCA Corporate Membership is more than just providing reduced rates for your employees. Our goal is to create healthier workplace environments. By connecting with the Y, workplaces receive services that help support employees in being more active and engaged in healthier lifestyles.

How it works:

  • Partner Company provides their employees a monthly membership subsidy at a minimum of $5 per month. Company can choose whether to be invoiced each month, or they can provide direct reimbursement for to their employees.
  • The Y matches 50% of the employer subsidy up to $10 per month.
  • The Y provides your employees with a complimentary one week trial membership to their local Y.
  • The Y will provide one annual complimentary Wellness Presentation for employees. This can be delivered in-person or virtually. We also have pre-recorded presentations that can be sent to your employees to watch at their convenience.
  • The Y will provide, upon request, monthly tracking of your employee usage.
  • For added convenience, the Y can provide on-site membership sign-up opportunities for your employees at your location(s).This program is offered in conjunction with the majority of YMCAs throughout the state of Wisconsin, meaning employees can join at the Y where they will use the most and receive the same great benefits.

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Tailored Program Offerings For You

Diabetes Prevention Program

Empower high-risk adults to adopt healthier lifestyles through weight loss, improved diet, and increased physical activity in a supportive, year-long program led by a lifestyle coach.

A man is seated on a comfortable grey couch in a cozy, well-decorated home setting. He is wearing a light blue denim shirt over a white t-shirt and blue jeans. The man is using a blood pressure monitor, with the cuff wrapped around his upper arm. He appears focused on the device as he operates it, with one hand resting on a wooden coffee table. The background features a stylish shelving unit with various decorative items and plants, adding a warm ambiance to the scene.

Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program

Enable participants to reduce and manage their blood pressure through regular monitoring, education, and support from trained ambassadors.

A group of four adults, two men and two women, are standing outside in a park-like setting, smiling and laughing. They are dressed in casual athletic clothing, suggesting they are either starting or finishing a workout or fitness activity. The group appears to be in high spirits, demonstrating camaraderie and the positive social aspect of group fitness activities at the YMCA.

Wellness Challenges

Boost employee engagement and well-being with customizable wellness challenges, covering fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and more, expertly facilitated by the Y or run internally.

Wellness Presentations

Gain valuable insights into various aspects of well-being through engaging presentations by Healthy Living Instructors.

A woman with a joyful expression stands in a modern kitchen, holding a clear bowl filled with fresh green leaves. She is wearing a black apron with the YMCA logo on it. The kitchen setting is sleek and minimalistic, featuring wooden furnishings and neutral tones.

Cooking Demonstrations

Discover the joy of healthy eating through interactive classes and demonstrations, where nutrition experts share tips, seasonal recipes, and more.

Two women joyfully engaging in a workout class at a gym, both seated on the floor with dumbbells in hand. The woman in the foreground, wearing a blue YMCA tank top and wireless microphone, laughs as she exercises, showing enthusiasm and energy. Her companion in the background, in a gray tank top, also displays a happy expression. The gym is equipped with a rack of weights and dim ambient lighting, creating a focused workout environment.

Group Exercise Classes

Benefit from a collective fitness experience that fosters motivation and camaraderie among participants while achieve physical health goals together

Nutrition Coaching

Supplying personalized guidance on improving a participant’s diet, our Nutrition Coaches cover topics like meal planning, emotional eating, and chronic disease prevention.

A young male trainer wearing a YMCA t-shirt is smiling and engaging with an older gentleman who is seated on a piece of workout equipment. The older gentleman is holding onto the handles of the machine, while the trainer provides guidance. Both appear to be in a gym setting with other people and fitness equipment visible in the background, creating an atmosphere of support and active engagement in physical fitness

Body Composition Testing

Through a convenient and non-invasive body analysis, we can provide in-depth information about a participant’s overall body composition, going beyond mere weight measurement.

A male and a female gym trainer, both wearing black YMCA trainer uniforms, are performing lunges with dumbbells in a modern gym setting. The male trainer is in the foreground, demonstrating the exercise with focus, while the female trainer in the background mimics the motion with a confident smile. The gym is equipped with various cardio machines in the dimly lit background, emphasizing a professional training environment.

Find Something That Work For You!

Looking to tailor your own experience? Reach out to us today!