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The YMCA of Greater Waukesha County plays such an important role as a safe, caring place for youth, adults, families, and seniors. Many people in our community rely on financial assistance to participate in the programs of the YMCA and create memorable stories of their own. Now, more than ever, we need your charitable donations to help make that happen. When you give to the YMCA’s Annual Support Campaign, 100% of your gift goes toward making a meaningful, enduring impact right in your own community. Gifts can be made online or mailed to your local Y.

A group of exuberant children performs enthusiastically in an outdoor setting, cheered on by an audience of peers. The children, in colorful, casual clothing, are raising their hands and shouting joyfully. They stand on grass, under a bright, clear sky, creating a lively and festive atmosphere at the camp.


Your gift has a significant impact at various levels. A $1,000 donation supports six cancer survivors in reclaiming their health through the LIVESTRONG® program at the YMCA. A $500 donation funds water safety education for an entire elementary school class. With $250, a child can enjoy a week at YMCA Day Camp. A $100 donation provides a session of adaptive swimming lessons for a child with special needs. Lastly, $50 enables an adult with conditions like Arthritis or MS to participate in a Joint Efforts session, improving their muscle strength and joint support.

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Summer Day Camp

Join us to help children find a safe place to explore and build fundamental skills at Summer Day Camp.

A joyful group of young children, guided by an adult, is running across a sunlit grassy field during a playful outdoor event. The children, displaying a variety of expressions of excitement and delight, are dressed in colorful summer clothes. The setting includes a large tent in the background, indicating a festive or community gathering.

Safety Around Water

Unite with us to teach kids fundamental water safety skills and prevent drowning.

Overhead view of swimmers practicing in an outdoor pool, distinguished by crystal-clear turquoise waters divided by colorful lane markers. In the forefront, a swimmer wearing a pink swim cap is captured mid-stroke, demonstrating a powerful freestyle technique. Other swimmers are visible in adjacent lanes, each focused on their swim, in a scene depicting active training and competition preparation.


Help us unite cancer survivors to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual health.

An elderly gentleman in a bright yellow 'LIVESTRONG at the YMCA' t-shirt is seated on a leg extension machine in a well-equipped gym. He smiles warmly, conveying a sense of vitality and enthusiasm for fitness. The gym background shows various exercise machines, emphasizing an active environment for all ages.

Financial Assistance Program

Join us in removing barriers by supporting the YMCA’s financial assistance programs, ensuring everyone can access our services regardless of financial circumstances.

Four young gymnasts at a sports arena, three visible and smiling at the camera. They are wearing matching black and pink leotards with sparkling designs. One girl with glasses is waving, another is smiling broadly with braided hair, and the third is giving a thumbs-up


As a non-profit organization, the YMCA of Greater Waukesha County is dedicated to serving and empowering our communities by providing a wide range of programs and services fostering community engagement and resilience. Our primary areas of focus include promoting healthy living, youth development, and social responsibility.

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